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Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. While thin isn’t always healthy, carrying excess weight comes with considerable health risks including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and joint pains. Besides building confidence in your appearance, losing weight provides substantial overall health benefits: increased energy, improved heart health and blood sugar regulation, improved mood, and better sleep. The Tall Tree 12-week weight loss program combines:

  • lab testing to identify any obstacles to weight loss

  • an individualized diet plan

  • maintainable lifestyle changes

  • regular check-ins with the naturopathic doctor for accountability and support, and

  • vitamin injections to boost fat breakdown

All with the goal of effective, sustainable weight loss.




A well-functioning digestive system should leave you without any complaints or anxiety about how far away the bathroom is. How do you know if your digestion is working well? 

  • You feel full for a few hours after your meals. 

  • You don’t feel 6 months pregnant after meals or towards the end of the day. 

  • You don’t have social anxiety about *excessive* gas (a little is normal). 

  • You have 1 to 3 well-formed and pain-free bowel movements each day.  

If you can’t tick all these boxes, your digestion could use a little help. In addition, other health concerns can stem less obviously from the digestive tract too. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Skin issues: eczema, psoriasis, acne

  • Mood issues: anxiety or depression

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or joint pains

I’ll work with you to determine the cause of your digestive troubles and target your treatment plan for successful resolution so you can say goodbye to acid reflux, stomach pains, bloating, gas, IBS, constipation or diarrhea and get back to what you love! 

Two common causes of digestive disturbances (that are not detectable using conventional lab testing) are food sensitivities and SIBO. I test for both of these to see if they’re contributing to your health concerns.


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Our bodies are intricately designed to manage short bouts of stress interspersed with periods of rest and recovery. But in today’s go-go-go world where the hustle is glorified, our stress levels never really reach zero, and we pay the price in health.

Our stress response is intimately connected to our energy levels through a powerful hormone called cortisol. Unchecked stress can lead to fatigue, disrupted sleep, weight gain, and flares of other conditions (skin, digestive, mood, etc.).

Heightened stress can’t be avoided completely, but we can find ways to help you become more resilient so stress works for you, not against youGet back to restful sleep, find the energy to pursue adventure, and help control other health concerns by better managing your stress!

Learn more about the stress hormone cortisol, your adrenals, and how your body responds to stress here - STRESS RESPONSE.


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The thyroid is the gas pedal of the body. The butterfly-shaped gland in your neck releases thyroid hormone which controls the rate of activity in all the cells of your body. 

  • If thyroid hormone is too low, your body becomes sluggish– you start feeling tired and cold, gaining weight, struggling with constipation, experiencing hair loss and dry skin. 

  • If thyroid hormone is too high, your body goes into overdrive– you start feeling restless and hot, losing weight, struggling with diarrhea, experiencing heart palpitations.

Unfortunately, many patients with low thyroid function continue to feel unwell after starting treatment and being told they have “normal” labs. When treating thyroid conditions, I treat the labs and the patient – you should feel well and have labs within a healthy range. There are many factors – lifestyle, dietary, and nutrient needs – involved in regulating your thyroid. A thorough thyroid assessment using a comprehensive blood test gives insight into which naturopathic supports will best balance your thyroid to restore your energy, sleep, and metabolism

Learn more about how your thyroid function contributes to your health and the best ways to test and monitor the thyroid here - THYROID.


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Painful periods are common, but they’re not normal. If your hormones are balanced and there are no underlying physical issues in the reproductive organs, your period should be free of cramping, bloating, moodiness, acne, etc. Sound too good to be true? It’s likely something is disrupting your reproductive health.

While many naturopathic supports can help relieve painful period cramps or reduce PMS, it’s far more satisfying to resolve the root issue. Your monthly symptoms provide clues to be used alongside naturopathic tests which show your hormone levels. Let’s get your hormones sorted out and get you on your way to hassle-free periods!